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Kudzu can be an unsightly and costly problem in Alabama. The hot and humid Montgomery, AL climate make a perfect home for invasive kudzu, which can quickly take over a yard, choking the life out of your healthy trees and plants! We have more than two decades of experience removing kudzu, so call on our Montgomery, AL tree service pros to help you get rid of this pesky vine for good!

Our Montgomery Kudzu Removal Process

Not many Montgomery, AL tree service companies have the expertise, or the experience, that we do when it comes to kudzu removal. We’re experts at taking care of this particular pest and our methods will get rid of kudzu permanently! We offer an affordable, reliable and effective alternative to letting kudzu take over your residential or commercial property:

  • Killing the root crown, the elusive part of the vine that stimulates its uncontrolled growth, is they key to complete removal. Our team uses only the most effective and professional equipment on kudzu removal jobs – your property will be pleased!
  • The unsettling truth about kudzu that has been left to grow for years is the devastating effect on your once healthy trees! If your trees are too diseased to survive, we can offer you professional, safe tree removal service, including stump grinding.

Don’t let kudzu overhaul your property! We’re the number one Montgomery, AL tree service experts and we’ll take on any kudzu removal job – no matter the size! Our affordable prices and courteous service have made us Montgomery’s favorite tree services company when it comes to kudzu removal!

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Get started today with getting kudzu off your property! We offer free, no obligation estimates for our kudzu removal services in the greater Montgomery area including Huntsville, Birmingham, Adamsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa.

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